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Pat McCabe, CEO of Levi Hospital

Pat McCabe, CEO of Levi Hospital in Hot Springs

What is the Best Advice You Ever Received?

It came from my Dad. He told me that everyone is smart; we’re just smart in different ways. That has made me interested throughout my life in finding out what the people around me are good at. This makes it imperative to respect all people and their abilities, and leads me to be appreciative of what each person’s talents may be.

What’s Something People Don’t Know About You?

When I was young, I stuttered severely. My teacher in public school told my folks I would never amount to anything. My parents then put me in private school with all of my friends and things improved. I guess I’ve done OK.

What’s One of Your Most Heartfelt Goals?

I’d like to help more people get up and walk around the block, start a path toward physical fitness. A number of people tell me that my encouragement has helped them get started and remain committed to a healthier lifestyle. I want everyone to be healthier – that’s my wish and goal.

What Are You Reading for Pleasure?

I love to read Barron’s, other financial newsletters and business magazines. I find the business world fascinating.

Where Would You Like to Travel?

There’s a lot of the U.S. that I still haven’t visited, and I would like to take several months to see our own country. We’re seeing it in pieces when I compete in the Ironman competitions, but there’s still a lot left to explore!

The above article is from the Fall 2017 edition of Arkansas Hospitals, a quarterly magazine published by the Arkansas Hospital Association. Vowell, Inc. produces Arkansas Hospitals on behalf of the Arkansas Hospital Association. This article is reprinted with permission.

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