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Past Governor’s Cup Winners: Andrew Miles

Andrew Miles, CEO of Grox Industries, was a previous winner of the Arkansas Governor's Cup.

Andrew Miles • Grox Industries

University of Arkansas • 2017

by Kody Ford

Andrew Miles, CEO of Grox Industries, cares about windows. Given that windows account for over 20 percent of all energy lost in our home and office buildings, finding a way to improve the efficiency of this has become the company’s goal. Grox has utilized graphene oxide as a coating to create a 70 percent increase in energy conservation.

The company has faced some issues with staff turnover and expanding on a limited budget since its inception, but Miles has moved forward with a determination forged by his six years in the Army, an experience he believes serves him well as CEO of the growing company.

“I would say that it likely reinforced my command presence, but didn’t generate it,” he says. “The military does an excellent job of highlighting and exploiting traits that already exist in people.

“If the military enhanced any skill set that would be requisite for any CEO, then I’d say they definitely increased my threshold for patience with others,” he adds. “I firmly believe that startups can and should move quickly to generate results, but people make up startups, and those that chose to work in startups tend to be forceful in their opinions. The ability to remain calm and step back emotionally when dealing with co-founders or early employees will always pay dividends down the line.”

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