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Little Rock’s ITT branch dark and quiet

No one answered the phones at Little Rock’s ITT Technical Institute on Tuesday, and ITT’s website is gone, a surprise to the 8,000 employees and 35,000 students around the nation who now find themselves with extra time on their hands.  The Los Angeles Times is among the news organizations reporting that ITT has closed all its campuses.

The doors at Little Rock ITT were shut tight Tuesday, the offices dark and unoccupied. Everything was in place, just as if it might reopen after the long Labor Day weekend as usual. There was no sign on the door, no indication that the offices were closed for good.

A woman who opted not to give her name said she graduated from ITT “years ago” and was most recently a part of the advisory committee.

“No one called me or anything,” she said. “That door is locked. I just came here to check. I’m curious – that’s why I’m here. Everyone just found out. I just got the news like everyone else. The students didn’t know, even the workers probably didn’t know. I was just reading on Facebook and current students were saying, ‘What do we do?'”

She expected this to happen, but not as soon as it did.

“I figured they might shut down. They called me a month or two ago and asked me to sign something since I was part of the committee.

“It was really expensive. There were only 162 students and tuition was $80,000 for a bachelor’s, $40,000 for an associate’s, and you can’t really do anything with an associate’s degree.”

Christina Minor, who works in campus operations at the University of Phoenix across the lobby from ITT, was among those surprised.

“We just came in this morning, and it was closed. It’s crazy. We don’t even know if the students know. I guess we’ll find out tonight if any of them show up.”

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