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Law school dean who offered post-election counseling for students this week to step down in June


A screen shot of a text message of the email that heralded the resignation of Michael Hunter Schwartz, dean of the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law.

Michael Hunter Schwartz, dean of the William H. Bowen School of Law, has announced he will resign that post in June and return to the faculty. This a screen shot of the email that  that went out over the name of Zulma R. Toro, executive vice chancellor and provost UALR.

On Monday, Mr. Schwartz offered on-campus counseling for law students who felt “upset” over the election of Donald Trump.


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  • I hope you’re happy. True journalism is gone I see. Did you get a tip from a racist Professor? Dean Schwartz was the best thing to happen to Bowen Law in a long time. We need this kind of balance in the state. If you all want out of state lawyers flooding Little Rock to provide that balance, you’re on the right track. I say, you made a huge mistake and will fall on the wrong side of history. Poor investigation, bad writing, and horrible judgment.

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