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Special Master Appointed to Review Issue 3 Lawsuit


The Arkansas Supreme Court has appointed a former judge to scrutinize claims that signatures in favor of Issue 3, a ballot measure that would impose term limits on lawmakers, should be invalidated.

Mark Hewitt has been appointed by the court as a special master for the lawsuit challenging the ballot measure. Hewitt has been ordered to deliver his report to the court by Sept. 25.

Under the ballot measure, entitled Issue 3, Arkansas lawmakers would be limited to two four-year terms in the Arkansas Senate and to three two-year terms in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

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In addition, the measure seeks to limit lawmakers to 10 years total in the legislature. Currently, lawmakers are limited 16 years in term limits, and the ballot would repeal those term limits.

Lawmakers would be prohibited from proposing constitutional amendments to change the term limits under the Issue 3 ballot measure.

Over 84,000 Arkansas voters signed a petition to have the proposed measure placed on the ballot. Once it was certified, it was renamed Issue 3.

A lawsuit to have the measure removed from the ballot was filed on Sept. 5.

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