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Firefighter Becomes First Female Battalion Chief in Little Rock

Left: Delphone D. Hubbard, Right: Kim Turner

via Little Rock Fire Department’s Facebook

Monday morning, June 25, history was made as Kim Turner became the first female Battalion Chief of Little Rock, Arkansas. Kim had a great turnout at her ceremony, filled with family, friends and fellow firefighters. The ceremony took place at the department’s training facility.   

Kim has been in the department for 25 years. Before becoming promoted Turner had served many different positions , starting from the bottom working from the fire hose to being lead engineer, to captain, to now coming full circle as battalion chief.

Kim’s mother, Joyce Turner, had the honor of pinning on her daughters new shield which represents her promotion of becoming the battalion chief. This honor came as no surprise to Joyce. She’d always known her daughter to push the boundaries and want to be the best at everything she did. In fact, Kim became the first female pitcher on her little league baseball team.

In a male-dominated field, Turner had to work extra hard to get double the reward. Her work ethic and incredible dedication to the fire department has not gone unnoticed. Little Rock Fire Department took to Twitter to extend their praises of their colleague and friend saying, “Congratulations to Kimberly Turner, the first woman in the history of Little Rock Fire Department to be promoted to Battalion Chief. Your hard work has paid off and we are very proud of you.”

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