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The Faces of Health Care

The following article is from AHA, a custom publication of Vowell, Inc., which also produces Arkansas Money & Politics.

We concentrate a lot of attention these days on the business side of health care – federal and state regulations under consideration, costs associated with running a hospital, concerns about maintaining the best health care infrastructure possible.

But a hospital is a living, breathing community of people.

It’s easy to take for granted the humans who make these brick and mortar buildings the actual places of healing we turn to in need. Consider the people inside. These great individuals greet you at the door, rush to your side in an emergency, perform the operations that save your life, change your bandages, bring you cool water, check on you during the night, and dedicate countless hours to improving your health and the health of our neighbors.

The people inside the hospital make it what it is. They provide great care, but when they go home, they are also the life-blood of our communities.

The community of caregivers inside your local hospital is laser-focused on healing. When they leave the hospital walls, they blend back into the fabric of every town and city in Arkansas. They have families to care for, football games to attend, church potlucks to cook for and birthday parties to plan. They have gardens to tend, homework to help with, groceries to buy and car tinkering to do.

In this edition of our magazine, we want to highlight and support the people inside our hospital walls and remind ourselves of how their caring reaches beyond those walls with every shift that ends.

With our special feature, “Our Hospital Family,” we’ll introduce you to some of the remarkable hospital heroes who make a difference everywhere they go. You’ll meet some performers, true survivors and a host of volunteers. Also inspiring us are authors, medical missionaries, marathoners and those who open their homes to children.

We do a disservice to our hospitals if we only think of them as businesses that are there when we need them. They certainly help drive our economies and are some of the biggest employers in the state. But as important as those functions may be, this isn’t their only identity.

Hospitals are families of co-workers, communities of caregivers who are each important whether inside or outside of those hospital walls.

Let’s remember there are human beings on the end of every mop and on the other side of every call button. Please thank them for what they do. And enjoy meeting some of them in this edition of Arkansas Hospitals.

Bo Ryall

President and CEO

Arkansas Hospital Association

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