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Data Protection

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Sadly information leaks have become all too common. When the wrong information ends up in the wrong hands, it can ruin your business and, even worse, it can ruin the lives of your customers!

Effective data protection is the cornerstone of Business World’s I.T. Management services. We utilize the latest tools to safeguard your business against lost, leaked, or stolen data. For each client we maintain comprehensive client plans for both internal and external threats.

When you work with Business World, you get:

  • Backup Verification to provide notifications that your system has been backed up properly.
  • Encryption Software to protect all data within your network, including data that is in transit to the cloud.
  • Virtualization to allow a seamless transition off-site in the event of a disaster or site-wide outage.

Disaster Recovery: Surviving the Unexpected

Worst-case scenarios happen all too frequently. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to have a data protection plan in place so your business moves forward without interruption or destruction. Your data protection plan has to work in tandem with your infrastructure, which most likely will require cloud-based back-ups and tight security programs.

Business World’s data protection services enable rapid data recovery, to get your business back on track, regardless of the attack. Our tenured technicians monitor your systems, verify offsite data backups, and make sure your data is in a ready state – completely up-to-date and uncorrupted.

To learn more about data protection services that safeguard your organizations information and resources, contact Business World today for a consultation.

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