Conway Regional to start 3-D breast exams

CONWAY, Ark. (Oct. 27, 2016) –  In a release from Conway Regional Health System today it has been announced that it is adding industry-leading digital breast tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography technology, to its women’s health services to further improve the accuracy in detecting breast cancer in patients.

National breast cancer statistics show that one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.  It is estimated that in 2016, more than 307,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S.

“Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women nationwide, so early detection is critical in both treatment and survival of the disease,” said Daniel Clark, M.D., medical director of Mammography at Conway Regional Health System. “Identifying cancer in women who have dense breast tissue can be especially challenging because the tissue can mask suspicious lumps or masses. This type of imaging gives us twice as much clarity.”

The use of 3D mammography can increase detection rates of invasive breast cancer by 41 percent compared to two dimensional imaging, and the number of patient recalls due to false positive reports is also significantly reduced.

“Comprehensive care must also include exceptional technology, so we are proud to make this investment for women in this area,” said Matt Troup, president and CEO of Conway Regional Health System. “As the only hospital in Faulkner County to offer this 3D mammography, we also encourage women to schedule a screening and be proactive in their breast health.”

Breast screenings are conducted during a three-and-a-half second, low radiation scan that captures multiple angles of the breast to reconstruct a 3D image that shows detailing not previously possible through two dimensional scans.

For additional information on Conway Regional Health System, visit www.conwayregional.org.

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