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Cloudy with a chance of _________

You can fill in the blank since you’ve heard these words many times from your favorite meteorologist. The future seems to capture our attention like few other topics.

In fact, it’s so popular, news stations and their websites build up our anticipation and then make the big reveal with cool technology that not only satisfies our curiosity, but leaves us coming back for more.

I don’t know much about predicting the weather, but when it comes to the future of telephone and computer networks, I do have a bit of insight.


What is the Cloud?

“The Cloud” is a phrase that you’ve heard many times as well. It’s definitely part of an accurate technology forecast

The cloud is simply a robust network of computers that process data and back it up in multiple locations. One of the benefits is the security this offers from localized disasters. With your data being stored in multiple locations, should something happen at one of your locations, your data can be quickly and easily restored from a different one.

And the cloud is a very popular place for telephone systems. Voice of IP (VoIP) is growing in popularity. Not only is this a less expensive option many times, it also adds many features to your business telephone system that most business owners find desirable.

A Reliable Forecast

For a meteorologist, a cloudy forecast limits the sunshine.

For a business owner, a cloudy forecast becomes a ray of sunshine providing the warmth of safety, security, convenience, and lower costs found only through cloud-based technology.

My forecast for your future: Cloudy with a chance of sunshine.

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