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Changing Your Own Oil

I was talking with a co-worker about the days when it was easy to change your own oil in your car.

As a teenager I enjoyed crawling under my car to locate the oil filter. I’d get a little greasy as debris would fall on my face, then I’d contort my body to reach the filter as a stream of oil ran down my arm after the seal was broken. When I was finished, my face beamed with pride brighter than the noon-day sun.

Then I grew up. Life got busier and time became a more precious commodity than money. Although I could still do this, I have more important things to do. So I now choose to pay someone to change the oil in my car.

Trading Money for Time

We all have the same amount of time. To maximize our time, we make decisions with our money to “buy” more time to do the things we deem more valuable.

As a business owner, your highest value is leading your company, creating more clients and serving your team. These make for full days filled with high pay-off activities. You don’t have time to meddle in the weeds since that will slow you and your company down. You pay others to do those tasks for you, similar to paying to have your oil changed.

Wasting Time to Save Money

Over the years I’ve seen many business owners wasting time to save money. They began as DIYers on a simple computer and continue to tinker and fix things thinking they’re saving money. The reality is they’re chasing pennies while the dollars fly past.

Like cars, computer networks continue to change. Parts may look the same, but they do far more and may not be in the same location. The time it can take to fix even a simple glitch is time better spent talking with a potential client.

My advice: Don’t spend your time doing something you should be paying someone else to do.

With our OneCall plan, your network will be fully maintained and running at peak efficiency without you lifting a finger or having any debris drop on your face. Your business will grow more quickly when you are leading your team, landing more clients and leveraging your time for the greatest return.

So stop changing your own oil and let us take care of it for you.

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