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From the Chairman: Volunteers are the Heroes of Modern Healthcare

It seems that a person can’t even hide from conversations about healthcare. Many of them deal with who is paying and if it is more than it should be. Access for all is a large piece of it as well. Technical advances and the miracles that happen get worked into it also.

One topic that doesn’t get nearly enough time around the water cooler is what I hold most dear which is the healing that still takes place in medicine; not just getting well but the nurturing and emotional stability that occurs. Since some skeptics like to say that caregivers get paid “good money” to take care of them it leaves the Volunteers of Healthcare to promote the goodwill of the industry.

Board members and those who serve on Charitable Foundations are appreciated immensely, but an Auxilian is the foot soldier in healthcare’s army. Their uniform is the wardrobe they wear proudly so that they can be seen. Their rifle is the mission of the hospital that they believe in and support, and their ammunition is their proof of support by the words and actions they demonstrate. They are the people who sacrificially take the needs of many ahead of their own so that all may be better served and safe.

Many of the current membership are advanced in years which creates a heartfelt joy for toddlers, helps promote wisdom to young adults, appreciation and fellowship from older adults and in general creates the homelike sense of warm relaxation we all yearn for. When you are in a place that scares you or you just don’t want to be, anything that makes you feel more at ease is certainly a blessing.

It has been said that time is the most precious commodity we have and if this is the case then this charitable giving made by our Auxilians need to be even more appreciated than the donations and other funds that they bring into our organizations each day.

As Chairman of the Arkansas Hospital Association I would be honored to go on record to say that when my career comes to a close I hope that I will be able to give back to this industry by volunteering my time to be a foot soldier for healthcare and positively impact lives as the Auxilians of this fine state do every day.

Thank you for your service.

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Darren Caldwell

Chairman of the Board

Arkansas Hospital Association

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