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But My Eyes Were Closed

I walked by one of the desks in our office and noticed this note dispenser and it reminded me of my childhood days.

Back in the day, our parents would take a few pictures – not too many mind you, because the roll of film only contained 12 – 48 pictures. And only after the pictures were developed did you hear the groaning.

That all changed when Polaroid released the One Step® camera. It was the first camera to produce an image instantly so you could immediately see the result. Revolutionary!


A Forgotten Era

Today, we hardly ever hear this phrase, and if we do, it’s no big deal.

With the advent of the Smartphone and the very cool burst photo technology, this phrase has nearly left our vocabulary. It’s been relegated to the time of days gone by in a nearly forgotten era.

Simplicity Wins the Day

What camera technology has proven is that simplicity wins the day. People don’t want to be expert photographers; they just want great looking pictures.

Similarly, business owners don’t want to be overwhelmed with the complexities of computer and telephone networks. They just want them to work.

Firewalls, anti-virus protection and patches are like understanding F-stops, shutter speed and exposure. Too complex for most people. That’s why we created our OneCall plan.

Like Smartphones, we’ve simplified what it takes to have a smooth running business that keeps you connected with your customers. And because our staff works around the clock, you never have to wait to see the results.

Take a cue from the camera industry and eliminate the delays and complaints of a computer and telephone network that’s a bit out of focus. Make one call and our techs will burst into action to make your network picture perfect.

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