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The Breast Center Opening New Clinic in Harrison

breast center

The Breast Center, A MANA Clinic, is opening a state-of-the-art breast cancer screening clinic in Harrison this October.

Clinic officials announced the new clinic will open Monday, Oct. 1 at 502 North Walnut St. in Harrison. Renovations will be ongoing during September to expand the lobby and create room for equipment, and construction is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The Harrison clinic will feature 3D mammography, which can detect cancers that conventional mammograms can miss. In addition, 3D mammography can find more invasive cancers – up to 41 percent more – and reduce the necessity of additional tests.

While 3D mammography takes slightly longer than a traditional mammogram, it is frequently more accurate because it is able to capture multiple images from different angles to form a 3D image. Doctors are able to look at each 1-millimeter layer in the 3D image individually to see a more detailed view of the breast tissue.

The Breast Center purchased the building at 502 North Walnut Street and contracted Butch May Construction to renovate the 1,800 space. According to a Breast Clinic press release, the renovations will include a lobby expansion, three private dressing rooms, room for the 3D mammography machine and an ultrasound machine and a reading room.breast center

A glass door has been added to the entrance, and an awning is being added to the front.

This will be the third location for the Breast Center. In addition to the Harrison location, the Breast Center has locations in Fayetteville and Bentonville.

Physicians at the Breast Clinic include Drs. Danna Grear, Kevin Pope, Steven Harms, Kelly Pierce, Britton Bennett Lott, Katherine Rankin and Whitney Manlove Sipe.

The Breast Center in Harrison will be open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday. The clinic will accept walk-ins and appointments for mammograms. For more information, or to schedule a mammogram, call 866-718-6266 or visit

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