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Bold Retail Offers New Solutions to Help Businesses Grow

bold retail

Today’s world is almost unrecognizable compared to the world of twenty years ago. Technology has drastically changed the way that we do everything, including how to start, maintain and grow a company. Gone are the days when simply producing a superior product meant a chance at success. Today, you must know how to optimize your online market to get your name and your services in front of customers.

Phrases like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and e-Commerce can be confusing for new business owners to wrap their heads around, and perfecting those areas of your marketing campaign, while also working all the other facets necessary to run a business can be daunting.

That is where Bold Retail comes in, to help get your product in front of consumers. They offer an e-Commerce acceleration approach that is comprehensive, and allows their clients to “Assess, Build and Grow” their business on Amazon, Walmart, Jet and their own brand websites.

Arkansas’ own Bold Retail was co-founded by Allan Peretz, who has years of experience under his belt in information technology, sales, marketing and general management for small and large companies alike. During this time, he has led major product launches in 21 different countries. In 2016, after helping his wife with the e-Commerce of her product line, he took a different look at how to grow in an online market.

bold retail

Allan Peretz

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“I got deeply obsessed with learning how, specifically, small upstart companies were making inroads online despite limited budgets and virtually no national recognition,” Allan says. “Lisa and I dove deep into the rabbit hole, and after about 18 months of testing and learning, we had our own ‘battle-tested’ playbook based and the sales to show that it worked.”

Even if you have put in the research necessary to thrive in an online market, you may be doing it wrong. According to Allan, the most important lesson that he has learned is that “companies and the agencies that supported them were looking at the eCommerce ‘problem’ incorrectly…they viewed eCommerce primarily as a content creation challenge. If they could get to great images and compelling SEO-optimized copy across their portfolios, they thought the job was done. This thinking was a legacy of a bygone ‘broadcast advertising’ era.”

Allan and his team at Bold Retail know that e-Commerce driven growth optimization is the “gift that keeps on giving.” They offer a wide range of services to their clients to best fit their needs, including: price management, marketing, A/B content testing and the implementation and management of business dashboards. Bold Retail can either take full control of a company’s e-Commerce, or work with an internal e-Commerce team that is already in place.

Though Bold Retail is a new company, they have already developed a proven track record. On average, their clients have received 55% growth in the first three months of a product launch and/or re-launch. Bold Retail’s “Blitz” method consistently puts their clients on the first page of results for targeted key words on Amazon.

Allan has built a team around him that has been involved on over 140 new product introductions and re-stages in major leadership roles. It is because of this unique experience that, Allan says, Bold Retail “bring[s] a level of understanding and strategy to the mix that other e-Commerce consultancies and agencies can’t match.”

They speak the language of their clients, because they too are “product people.”

They are also in the process of finalizing Bold University, in which they will offer expert led training and workshops that will be affordable and work for all companies, no matter the size.

Allan and his team offer free consultations to businesses of all sizes who are looking to grow their eCommerce. You can request yours at anytime.

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