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Big Things Headed to Argenta

Argenta Plaza rendering by TAGGART Architects

Big things are coming to downtown North Little Rock. The area will be introducing its Argenta Plaza, new apartments, and more.

The Argenta Plaza will be one of the many new developments headed headed to downtown and will also be the biggest. The Plaza will be a snazzy urban gathering space with a lot of elements to offer such as a ramada-style covered area that offers an outdoor eating area which will have patio swings, water spouts and a wall of water to serve as a visual and sound backdrop. The Plaza will be one of the most anticipated developments coming to downtown.

First Orion rendering by TAGGART Architects

Recently First Orion announced that it will be making its home in Argenta for its corporate headquarters. The headquarters are moving to Argenta because they have outgrown their space and knew about the new developments coming to downtown North Little Rock, more specifically the Argenta Plaza, and wanted to be apart of that. They will be bringing in between 200 and 300 high paying technology jobs to downtown North Little Rock.

“Central Arkansas is an inspiring place for us to be. We are helping transform the region into a prominent technology hub and we are honored to be such a big part of the Argenta Plaza. Not only is First Orion building technology, but we are also building careers, “Charles D. Morgan, chief executive officer of First Orion, said in a news release.

“The spirit of innovation is alive in North Little Rock and First Orion embodies our technological drive and ingenuity,” Joe Smith, mayor of North Little Rock, said in a news release. “We believe the Argenta Plaza will be a community where big, brave ideas are given the change to grow unfettered. First Orion is a shining example of our state’s best and brightest creating technologies that make the world a better place.”

Power + Ice rendering by TAGGART Architects

Another development in the works is Thrive Argenta, luxury apartments. The apartment complex will have 165 units and is expected to be completed near Thanksgiving. Along with Thrive Luxury Apartments will be the Power and Ice building which will be right next to the plaza and is going to be an $8 to $10 million dollar three-floor building with residents on two floors and a restaurant on the first floor looking out over the plaza. Right on the corner next to the Power and Ice building is going to be a three-story office building.

Construction halted back in April due to difficulties in coordinating the three different projects in a small area.

“The city’s $3 million dollar initial investment with the Plaza has now generated more than $40 million dollars in private investment and we haven’t broken ground yet. We expect to start breaking ground within the month. When you’ve got three large projects like this, coordinating who’s moving dirt and when, can be challenging but it’s all happening,” said Nathan Hamilton, director of communications at City of North Little Rock.

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