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Hitting on all cylinders, Bank of Ozark’s George Gleason says of record earnings

Joe Kramer
Written by Joe Kramer

According to Arkansas Online, The Bank of the Ozarks had record earnings of $76 million for the third quarter, up 65 percent from profit of $46.1 million in the same period last year, the Little Rock bank said Tuesday. The bank had earnings of 66 cents per share, beating the average estimate of 60 cents a share projected by 10 analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.

The edited transcript of the Ozark earnings conference call

“We commented in July that we had, quote, continued to hit on all cylinders with our very conservative and disciplined business strategy, end quote,” George Gleason said in the call. “That analogy is still applicable as our two recent acquisitions added two potent use cylinders to the Bank of the Ozarks growth and earnings machine. This was evident in our record results for the quarter just ended.”

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Joe Kramer

Joe Kramer

Joe Kramer is a former reporter for AMP. Joe has written for the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway and served as editor for The Echo newspaper at the University of Central Arkansas.

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