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The Banker Behind Malvern National Bank

Mark Roberts, President of Malvern National Bank

Mark Roberts, President of Malvern National Bank

Mark Roberts, President of MNB
Malvern National Bank • 501-332-6955 •

Mark Roberts, president of Malvern National Bank, didn’t choose banking. Banking chose him.

An attorney by training, Roberts served the bank as outside legal counselor from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Then, he was brought inside. He has been president of MNB for seven years.

Roberts says he prefers the positive vibes of the banking life to that of a private practice.

“A lot of the things you deal with in the private practice of law have to do with problems people are going through,” says Roberts.

“This is a different side to helping people. It’s positive. We’re trying to help people get into a home, buy a car or start a business.”

Before he was a banker, and even before he was an attorney, Roberts first wanted to be a coach. Now, he considers himself a coach to the 135 bank employees he has the pleasure of working with at MNB. And he and his employees provide a service to their customers that is critical to community success.

“Along with your schools and your health care, your bank is like a backbone to the community,” says Roberts. “Without them, your communities could dry up… Our hometown banks are vital to the success of our community.”

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  • Mark is a tremendous fellow. He always has had a positive attitude and has contributed to the betterment of the community. Congratulations on your success.

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