Author - Rob Moritz

July/August 2015 Magazine

Road Block

July/August 2015 Issue The ongoing construction of the Interstate 40/55 interchange at West Memphis has been a combination of projects that caused a consistent traffic nightmare for 15 years. Just as the project is largely wrapping up, the Tennessee Department of Transportation announced more I-55...

Magazine May/June 2015

Water Pressures

May/June 2015 Issue As levels dwindle in two of Arkansas’ most important underground aquifers, the state is implementing plans to promote conservation while bringing water from distant rivers to high-use agricultural regions. Photography by Sara Blancett Reeves and Ashlee Nobel Top photo: Bayou...

AMP News

Paying the Pipe-Layer

The price tag to modernize Arkansas’ aging water and sewer systems will run into the billions, but the long-term problems of not updating the infrastructure could be catastrophic.   In addition to encouraging more use of surface water, Arkansas’ official Water Plan warns that about $9.5...