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Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse and Oceans at Arthur’s Opening Soon

Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse and Oceans at Arthur’s have officially moved from the Village at Rahling Road into what used to be the Riverside Acura and Subaru dealerships at 16100 Chenal Parkway. These two establishments are well known for their delicious food and social atmosphere. Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, have even been pictured at the steakhouse.  

Owner Jerry Barakat says the reason for moving locations was that the new lot provided more parking spaces and better visibility. “I wanted to do something for Little Rock to enjoy, to be grateful for their 38 years of friendship, life and support.” He says that everyone is welcome.

The new location will be turned into a “resort” instead of two restaurants and the space between the two restaurants will be turned into an outdoor dining area. “It is going to have one of the most beautiful outdoor areas, we’re going to have something people can be proud of,” Barakat said. He also says that there will be live music inside Arthur’s.

Barakat said he expects Oceans at Arthur’s to open sometime in mid-July and Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse to open in the first week of August.

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