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Arkansas Hospital CEOs


Doctors and nurses are frequently the most visible health care professionals, but they are not the only ones making sure hospitals keep running. Lesser-seen, but no less important, are the hospital CEOs who make sure that health care systems keep operating on-budget and in compliance with regulations.

Hospital CEOs play a critical role in navigating the complexities of the health care industry. These individuals are responsible for the entirety of their hospital systems and must have their fingers on the pulse of the industry, from constant technological innovations to political issues that can impact health care.

Health care is in a constant state of flux today. Costs are increasing, and hospital CEOs must determine how to keep their facilities profitable while providing the highest level of care to their patients. Meanwhile, hospitals face new regulations and standards that judge their performance and how they are reimbursed for care. Many rural hospitals are also facing personnel shortages due to the difficulty of luring health care professionals to these areas.

These are but a few of the challenges that CEOs are facing and will continue to face in the foreseeable future.

CEOs not only tend to the day-to-day operations and well-being of their health care systems but also to their hospitals’ future. They must anticipate the trends in health care and adapt to disruption in the medical industry. By taking a long-term view, these CEOs are ensuring the future of their health care systems.

Arkansas Money & Politics asked multiple hospital CEOs what their greatest challenges are and what challenges they expect to face in the future. While many of our CEOs agreed that rising costs and other financial pressures are and will continue to be the primary challenges for hospital, each one has a unique take on the responsibilities of heading a health care system.


Hospital CEOs

Chad Aduddell

Chris Barber

Kevin Decker

Marcy Doderer

Bruce Murphy

Brad Parsons

Gary Paxson

Eric Pianalto

J. Larry Shackelford

Scott Street

Matt Troup

Richard H. Turnage

Steven Webb

Troy Wells


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