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Arkansas Company, Astronomers Without Borders Start Eclipse Glasses Donation Program

Astronomers Without Borders is working with Arkansas-based Explore Scientific to collect protective glasses left over from the 2017 eclipse and donate them to other countries.

Explore Scientific, located in Springdale, is one of the organization’s corporate partners. As of Tuesday morning, it was the only Astronomers Without Borders-approved location where people could send their used eclipse glasses for collection.

Astronomers Without Borders urged those with glasses not to throw them away, but asked that the eyewear not be sent to the organization’s headquarters.

Instead, eclipse glasses can be mailed to Explore Scientific at 1010 S. 48th Street, Springdale, Arkansas 72762. Astronomers Without Borders says that the glasses will be “sent to schools in South America and Asia when eclipses cross those continents in 2019.”

Explore Scientific’s mission is “to make astronomy accessible and provide a truly transformative experience by giving enthusiasts of all skill levels the tools and guidance they need to explore the skies,” according to the company’s website. The business sells telescopes, eyepieces and related equipment.

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