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84 Arkansas Legislators stand in opposition to ballot issues 6 & 7

Joe Kramer
Written by Joe Kramer

As early voting gets underway across the country, many local voters have been buzzing about Issues 6 and 7 on the ballot that outline provision to enact medical marijuana allowances in Arkansas.

Voters have been urged to vote against both issues by the Arkansans Against Legalized Marijuana (AALM). Today at a press conference in Little Rock, 84 bi-partisan members of the Arkansas General Assembly voiced their concerns with Issues 6 and Issue 7 in an effort to sway voters to vote no as polls around the state open.

House Speaker Jeremy Gillam voiced his opinions on the issues in this statement, “Although I understand the need for compassionate care, I believe there is a better way than what is being offered to the voters of Arkansas with Issue 6 and 7. “I encourage Arkansans to vote against these issues and work with legislators in the upcoming session to craft a responsible and compassionate solution.”

While Issues 6 and 7 have a major backing within the state, these last-ditch efforts by the opposition are sure to sway voters as they head to the polls over the next two weeks.

Senate President Pro Tempore Jonathan Dismang also stated his concerns about the measure from an economic stand point. “Many of us agree that there are medical compounds that can possibly be derived from marijuana, but we need to allow the medical community and the FDA to make those determinations, not those looking to simply profit off of Arkansans. Please vote no on issues 6 & 7.”


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Joe Kramer

Joe Kramer

Joe Kramer is a former reporter for AMP. Joe has written for the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway and served as editor for The Echo newspaper at the University of Central Arkansas.

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