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The #1 Productivity Hack to Grow Your Business

I flinched when he said it because I’d heard it before.

“I was hacked.”

Hacking is when someone breaks into your network and causes damage. You feel violated and are never quite sure how many issues they have created.

But that’s not the type of hack I’m thinking about.


A productivity hack is a way to get things done faster and more efficiently.

I’ve learned the best way to get tasks done faster is to have a network that’s operating at peak efficiency.

Two Basic Networks

Your business runs on two basic networks: telephone and computer. An issue here can choke your productivity.

Every week we’ll receive a call from a business owner asking if we can come to their rescue. Whether it’s a phone line that’s not working properly or a computer that won’t print, receive email or is infected with a virus (or worse yet, has been hacked), they’re in a state of panic and are searching for help.

Instead of waiting until disaster strikes, a better approach is to ensure your business networks are well maintained and fully protected. You’ll see your productivity continually increase and you’ll get more things done in less time with far fewer frustrations.

Waiting for websites to load, documents to print or connections to be made can be maddening. These all lead to lower productivity, longer breaks and more unnecessary fatigue.

Here are two simple ways to hack your productivity:

1. Make sure your firewall is installed properly and set correctly

Firewalls act like security guards at a big building. There are many people going in and out of the building, but not each person is treated the same. Some have full access to the building, while others need to be escorted by a staff member. In the same way, a firewall can be configured to block (or allow) access to certain websites, “protocols” (the language different computer services use to speak to one another) or even certain words or phrases.

That’s a very simple explanation, but I think you get the point. Having a firewall properly installed will keep your network safe.

2. Install a robust virus protection agent on your entire network.

Every few days you’ll hear of another virus or worm that is spreading across the internet via email. They normally arrive in your inbox with a subject line like “open this to see a funny video”. Once you open the email, the virus downloads to your computer and begins wreaking havoc, damaging files and sending emails on your behalf.

Antivirus software can help you minimize this threat and protect your network.

Productivity is the key to a growing and prosperous business. Increase your productivity by installing a firewall and virus protection agent for your network. When you do this, you’ll be using the #1 Productivity Hack to grow your business.

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